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Poly-Tech Dental Studio, Inc., Dental Labs – offers Vitallium 2000 Cast Metal Frameworks, Full Dentures, Acrylic Partials & Valplast (Thermo plastic) Finishes.

  • Vitallium© 2000 cast metal frameworks


Vitallium©2000 Alloy trusted for over 80 years, Vitallium© 2000 Alloy is the premium cobalt-chrome partial denture alloy that maintains a high luster and will not tarnish or corrode. This alloy is also nickel and beryllium-free, resulting in a biocompatible appliance for the patient.

    • High strength and fracture resistance
    • Resists permanent deformation
    • High surface luster to resist plaque build-up
    • Biocompatible – nickel and beryllium-free


  • Full Acrylic Dentures

Poly-Tech Dental Studio, Inc. proudly produces the most comfortable and natural looking full acrylic dentures

    • Fracture resistant
    • Natural looking
    • Lucitone 199 Acrylic
    • Variety of shades
  • Flexible Partial (Thermo Plastic) finishes


Valplast© Flexible Partials:


  • Many people consider a Valplast flexible partial to be the most comfortable appliance
  • Valplast offers a unique beautiful aesthetic quality
  • A Valplast flexible partial will give you confidence while talking, eating and smiling


TCS© Flexible Partials:


  • Guaranteed unbreakable
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Ideal degree of flexibility
  • Stain resistant
  • Repairable and rebasable
  • Biocompatible


CFSTM (Comfort & Flexible System) Physical Properties:

  • Flexibility: These unbreakable and resistant partials bring forth ultimate comfort, without causing damage to your gums, unlike conventionally rigid prosthetic partials
  • Aesthetics: Eliminates the use of metallic clasps, translucency simulating natural color
  • Naturalness: Translucent, yet simulating the natural color of the gums
  • Hypoallergenic: No allergic reaction, comfortable, lightweight, and easy to adapt

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